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Thanks to everyone who attended, volunteered and donated to Banned in Boston 2016! We'll be updating with photos and videos of the event soon. In the meantime you can fulfill your Night of Pledge HERE! Or to make a general donation to Urban Improv click here!

OMG! Banned in Boston is back and #bettahthanevah! Mark your icalendars for Banned in Boston 2016—a zany night of socially unacceptable, silly satire and so-so singing from Boston’s esteemed political, professional, entertainment, and media personalities. Throwing all dignity aside, they’ll gamely take the stage in our madcap musical revue that’s sure to have you ROFLing.

Don’t risk FOMO. Put down the selfie stick and get your #superbad self down to the #HouseofBlues to support Urban Improv’s interactive, improvisational theater programs that empower our city’s youth to make positive life choices. It’s a fabulous night guaranteed to provide shareable, Insta-worthy moments, supporting a GR8 cause that’ll give you a serious case of the feels.

Don’t miss out! #BannedinBoston

Photos from Banned in Boston 2015:

Photos not enough for you? Check out clips from last year's show here:


Banned in Boston is the annual comedy and music revue that raises money for Urban Improv. Local celebrities, media personalities, politicians, and business, arts and community leaders rally together to put on a one-night-only, impromptu show of hilarity, musical satire, and skits.