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What People Are Saying About Urban Improv

"The work you do with our youth is extraordinary. You are making great investments in the future."

Elizabeth Warren
Massachusetts Senator

"These scenes are real. They happen every day in our city. Urban Improv challenges kids to deal creatively and straight on and helps kids make the right choices."

Thomas M. Menino
Mayor of Boston

"The bullying skit was extremely relevant and age appropriate. Many of the teachers even continued the curriculum in their classrooms, having students write reflective essays on what they learned from the assembly. It was a great way to get our students thinking about the effects of bullying. We would recommend it to anyone."
Abbey Gelineau, School Adjustment Counselor
Pioneer Charter School of Science

“Urban Improv helped me to be more outspoken, mature, to think about the results of decisions I make, to see an example of the bad choices people sometimes make and to understand the meaning of moving forward.”

10th Grade Student

International High School


"Urban Improv will probably be many of my students' favorite 5th grade memory.  I have no doubt that these kids will think back to UI when they encounter tough situations in the future and be less likely to make choices that will involve them in violent behavior."

5th Grade Teacher
Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy at Mattapan Square


“Urban Improv taught me to be positive and go about things in a different manner.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of Youth Unscripted for a second time.  It kept me out of trouble…it kept a lot of us out of trouble.”

11th Grade Student

English High School

“Thanks for providing students with positive role models and effective ways to deal with conflict.  It had a positive impact on how students related to one another.”

4th Grade Teacher

Mason Elementary School

"I was thrilled to see our students taking part in a program designed to provoke thought, inspire actions, and raise awareness about good decision-making and the equitable treatment of others.

Upper School Head

The Park School

"All of us involved with both the Red Sox and The Foundation To Be Named Later are proud to stand with Urban Improv in your tremendous outreach to young people.  Urban Improv is a true community champion and we are all better and stronger for your service.  On behalf of the team's owners, players, front office members and the great fans of Red Sox Nation, we thank you for your commitment, compassion, and vision.  We are honored to have Urban Improv as part of our team!"

Meg Vaillancourt
Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation

"Thank you for the wonderful work that you do at Urban Improv.  The kids at Camp Harbor View loved the Youth Unscripted program.  Cam Harbor View was a success because of the many generous people and many creative and talented youth leaders. Thank you for being part of that team."

Jack Connors
Chairman of Hill, Holliday
Co-Founder of Camp Harbor View

"Urban Improv is demonstrating that the use of drama to reduce violence and tension among young people can work. Creative approaches such as these are critical to fostering an environment where all kids can learn and thrive."

Gordon Conway
Former President, The Rockefeller Foundation

"The student response to the dating violence and sexual harassment programs you produced for our Peer Leaders was truly overwhelming.  I look forward to more programs with Urban Improv in the near future."

School Adjustment Counselor

Burlington High School

"Urban Improv gives kids the physical experience of what it feels like to engage in peaceful resolution to difficult conflicts, and by practicing different solutions, they expand their ability to consider a range of options and appreciate other people’s points of view. Our research has shown that Urban Improv makes a substantial difference in these kids’ lives."

Bessel van der Kolk
M.D.Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University
Medical Director, The Trauma Center

"Urban Improv is the best program I have been associated with in my 36 years in the Boston Public Schools."

Charles F. Ray
Former Principal Boston Public Schools

"I have always admired what they are doing at Urban Improv. It's a brilliant program."

Senator John Kerry

"You continue to foster good decision making to students at risk. You open doors to creativity. You empower them. You allow them the right to be children with imagination. The energy of these students has been channeled in positive directions."

Gerrie Milgroom
Arts Coordinator, Tobin Elementary School, Boston

"An essential resource for educators and community leaders who want to tap the moral voices of their students as they explore issues of identity, self esteem, and non-violence. We as adults have a lot to learn from them."

Margot Strom
Executive Director, Facing History and Ourselves

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